16 February 2012

the new, new thing

Today is "Something New".  If you know me at all, you know that I like anything Old.  We live in a pretty old house.  I buy most of my clothes second-hand. My fabric is stored in vintage suitcases. I'm drawn to anything that has been loved, used, and shows a little bit of wear.  Sparkly new things are pretty to look at, but don't really fit into how I want to live on this Earth.  This belief or philosophy or whatever you want to call it, can conflict me at times.  For example, when something breaks (our French Press) or something is lost (Abby's water bottle) or I need something like underwear or running shoes. I would rather buy something old, but in these cases, new is probably better because of availability, safety, and health.  
Something New

This pattern is in the works.  Have you heard of Collette Patterns? I haven't tried one of their patterns yet, but just looking at the pattern instructions for the Violet blouse has me wondering who deigned it a beginner pattern?  It is straightforward enough with lots of tips and a link to online help.  Yet, when I was a beginner sewist, I never would have attempted a collared, button-up blouse.  The first version of this shirt will be made from a thrifted sheet (see what I'm saying about Old? Ha!).  If I like the way it fits and sews up I will do another in white cotton swiss dot.  Summery huh?
A few things old and new and in between:

-Looking forward to seeing these guys in March.  Would love to host them at our place for a house concert!

-Finished Book 1, heading to the bookstore (used?) to buy Book 2.  Huzzah!

-Come visit my Pinterest boards to see what else I'm up to lately.

-This weekend Jason and I will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary (it is really on the 22nd) by going on a date.  Although, I don't know when or where this date is...it is a mystery!  Not telling me is hard for Jason so now he just says "It's a kettle" in a British accent.  If you have seen Submarine, and you should, then you'll know Jason is just like the dad in the movie.

-Really looking out for Moonrise KingdomThe Hunger Games first movie and The Girl Who Played with Fire.  

What are you looking forward to?  Have a great Friday!

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