13 February 2012

busy Monday

Today I have been on the go doing errands, thrifting, making cookies and even cleaning/oiling my sewing machine.  That's right!  I haven't oiled or cleaned my machine since I have had it.  No, I am not going to reveal how long that is (only Pat knows!).  Now it doesn't sound like someone is using a "machine gun" in the room, which is how Jason describes my machine.  I sew every day and will no longer neglect that hardworking machine, I need it to last a long, long time.

Things I Like
There are a lot of "Things I Like" but I truly enjoy eating and reading at the same time.  When I am into a good book I usually read during breakfast and lunch, snippets of sentences and a few paragraphs here and there.  Then I read before I go to bed, sometimes for longer than I should.  Right now I am reading the first Game of Thrones book, which probably wasn't the wisest choice to read while eating today (blood, raping and pillaging; the book not my lunch).  I'm also reading Montessori at Home.  I've always read more than one book at a time, reading one while processing the others.

In My Closet 
It may not look organized to the untrained eye, but I know exactly what's in there and where it is!  One half is fabric/art supplies/crafting stuff and the other is clothes (both mine and Jason's).  Our house is old so we only have a tiny closet in our bedroom upstairs, which serves as a linen closet as well as clothes closet.  This mess of a closet is downstairs in the guest-sewing-play room.
We found an awesome blue sequined stretchy belt was during this morning's thrifting.  Abby thinks it looks like a mermaid belt.  This may find its way into my outfit for Secret Date Night this weekend. More on that later...

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