14 May 2010

All about Abby

Abby usually loves being out in the garden with me. She will happily dig in her "spot" in the herb garden, which is now dangerously close to the newly planted basil, while I do other tasks. When I noticed the radishes were getting too big, she helped me pick some for a dinner salad. Abby likes radishes! We found this out over the past weekend when Abby and I visited Grandma Kathleen in southern Illinois.

We had a great Mother's Day weekend playing in the park, going to the bookstore and watching Abby color with Grandma's pencils.

We also went to an estate sale down the street from Grandma's house where she found two new comfy chairs.  It was a busy, windy, fun weekend!   We are looking forward to Grandma's next visit to Champaign!

06 May 2010

Around the house and a trip

Lately around these parts we have been....

Doing lots of diapers because we (meaning "I") finally put the kabosh on buying anymore disposable diapers.  We were just using them for overnight but still....I wasn't comfortable with even that amount of waste going into some landfill somewhere.

Waiting for the peonies to open!  Peonies are one of my top 5 favorite flowers and I just love the anticipation they are creating right now!

Hanging out.  Enjoying the warm weather, soft pillows and the evening sun through the front windows.

Watching the potatoes grow.  I love potatoes.  They are the one food I could eat every day for the rest of my life.  We have Yellow Finn, Desiree, Carola and some random red, white and yellow potatoes that we bought at the coop.  Digging potatoes is a little like fossil or mineral hunting for me.  And if you haven't dug potatoes, you should try it!  I hear they are really easy to grow in a barrel or big container with lots of straw in it.

This weekend we will be visiting Grandma Kathleen in southern Illinois.  We are taking the train and will be back on Sunday.  See you back here next week!  Happy Mother's Day weekend!

04 May 2010

Etsy shop update

I have updated my Esty shop with some new buntings and zipper pouches that are perfect for summertime and all the festivities that come with it!

Check it out!

Or you can click on the cool pink, tiger Etsy button at the bottom right hand of the page!

Tomatoes are in!

Because I planted 23 tomatoes today (and 2 hostas) I do not have any photos.  My brain is too tired to find the camera and my arms are much too tired to hold the camera.  Watching/entertaining a 16 month old while trying to plant this many tomatoes amounts to what I imagine an expert in combat maneuvers must think.  "OK, don't step on the baby tomato, step over here.  Walk on the grass, walk on the grass, walk on the.... let's go over here and play with this fantastic toy for a minute."  And on it went until I looked up and noticed I only had two more to go.

Thankfully our friend Marin brought her dad, Charlie, over for dinner and he entertained the two girls while I finished up the final push and watered the little plants.  

Now I am contemplating my garden notebook and the fact that I may have to wait until some of these tomatoes actually set fruit until I know what they are.  In all of that tactical maneuvering some of the actual variety names became misplaced.  Hoh, hoh.  I do know that we will have some Super steak, Juliet, Sugar cherry, red grape, Marglobe, Roma, Better boy, Brandywine and Pink lady.  I put the cherry tomatoes on the outside where little finger will be able to reach them just fine!

I would love to here what you are planting in your garden right now!