07 March 2012

getting ready

It's been busy around here lately.  I finished a bunch of sewing for Abby including a shirt, pants, two dresses and two skirts.  The dresses are from the Oliver + S hopscotch dress pattern and were made from men's t-shirts from the Gap.  So, while they weren't exactly Old, they were given a new identity.  I didn't realize until I got the shirts home that I had bought ketchup and mustard colored shirts.  Lots of both get eaten around here, so that's cool.  The skirts are Lazy Days Skirt from Liesl at Oliver + S as well.  They have such sweet and simple pattern designs with easy to follow directions.  The shirt is from Anna Maria Horner's Seams to Me book.  While it was easy to make, I'm not sure that I like how large the arm holes are or the length of the sleeves.  It hasn't actually been donned by Miss Abby yet.  She has a strange habit of running away when I want to test the fit of something I am sewing for her.  When I'm sewing for a customer or for someone else, she is all about it.  Silly girl!

This year will be my third at the farmer's market and I am so ahead of myself this year, I may just have to start reading the third Game of Thrones book tonight.  I started seeds last week (eggplant, pepper, leek, herbs) and will start more this weekend.  Just now there are tiny green sprouts coming up in my seedling flats and outside.  It was warm and windy today.  We are on our way to spring at last!  Also:

--We saw Foghorn Stringband on Monday.  Seats right next to the band, good friends, new friends, lots of dancing, beer and some of the best music on Earth, woo hoo!
--Watched our friend Cathe (of Seven Sister Farm) shear sheep with help from friends and neighbors.
--Finished painting a cabinet to house our bulky office stuff.  
--Jason made those English muffins he had been talking about making for oh, I don't know, 3 months or so.  Verdict: tasty!
--Finding some great fabric at my local second hand stores.
--Trying to pet and snuggle more with our cat, Albert.  He is about 13 years old and is on meds for his heart.  He is our first baby!  
--Lots of coloring, painting, dry erase boarding and sidewalk chalking lately.  Abby can't wait to do outside painting again.
This space will be changing in the next couple of months.  The South Prairie Street Farm information will have a different home in the form of a Facebook (groan) page.  I know how I rant about how I don't like FB but for the Farm, it is the best solution for now.  This blog will continue to include information about the farm but primarily will be for showcasing my frazzled, stay-at-home-mom thoughts and activities.  The FB page will be used to announce dates for selling at the Market at the Square and availability of produce/flowers.

Thanks for reading and I'll keep you updated!  

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  1. I was wondering what you are using to start your seeds...what are all of the little individual things made of in your picture? It looks efficient! Thanks!