21 April 2012

I ate a little bit of Spring today

My trip to visit a friend in Wisconsin was cancelled because of this cold I caught.  So I slept most of the day today.  I woke up at lunch to a present from Abby and Jason: Martha Stewart's Living magazine.  As I was looking at the pictures, reading being entirely impossible in my state, I came across this:
And my mouth started watering.  I couldn't get the Garden Party Grilled Chicken Salad out of my brain!  And so my lovely family made another trip to the grocery to satisfy this food delirium.  

I don't have a photo of our dinner because we inhaled it before I could remember. That's OK though.  Because it looked exactly like it does in the above picture!  Springtime was happening in my mouth I tell you!

Jason (the cook) was smothered in my fever-induced "oooos" and "ahhhs" and "I feel like I'm at a restaurant!".  That man is brilliant.

I'm off to more sleep and hopefully I will have more energy to do some Earth Day activities tomorrow.

Love your Mother.  Happy Earth Day folks!

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